New Sanitation Director Eyes Replacing Outdated Equipment

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The new sanitation director of Fort Smith officially began work Monday (April 18), after he was appointed to the position exactly one month ago.

Mark Schlievert has worked at landfills in different capacities since 1996, spending time in Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina.

He said he is impressed with the landfill in Fort Smith.

“It’s a really nice facility, something the city of Fort Smith should be very proud of,” he said.

Schlievert said one of his goals is replacing outdated equipment, which might include some garbage trucks. But he said he hopes to replace heavy landfill equipment, like bulldozers, as soon as possible.

“The bulldozers, the landfill compactors, that sort of equipment that needs to really have a serious look at,” he said.

Schlievert said he is also working on a rate study, which will evaluate capital improvement projects, every day operations and new equipment.

He said it could also determine a change in the rate customers pay.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he said. “That will tell the tale and tell the story."

The rate study could take about three months to complete.

The sanitation director's salary will be $85,000.