5NEWS Introduces “Weather Alert Day”

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What is a 5NEWS Weather Alert Day?

The Weather Where You Live changes a lot in our area; however, there are days when we know the weather is going to cause a major disruption to your life. When weather threatens lives or property for a large number of our population, 5NEWS has instituted a Weather Alert Day to heighten awareness and to draw attention to the risk of dangerous weather.

When will we issue a Weather Alert Day?

A Weather Alert Day is our promise to deliver information about an impending storm to help you plan and prepare for dangerous weather.

Weather Alert Days will be issued by 5NEWS meteorologists on days when widespread severe weather or tornado outbreaks are expected. Weather Alert Days will extend into all season and will be triggered for dangerous flash flooding or snow and ice storms.

Depending on the weather situation, Weather Alert Days may be issued days in advance or just prior to an event.  We will do it early enough to give you time to prepare for severe weather.

What happens when a Weather Alert Day is issued?

A Weather Alert Day triggers numerous changes to our day-to-day news operation.

You’ll learn of Weather Alert Days on all of our platforms with push alerts sent to your mobile devices, Facebook and Twitter status changes, online website posts and newscasts with more weather information about the upcoming storm.

On Weather Alert Days, a special red banner will appear in newscasts, online, and all social media posts.

What do I do on a Weather Alert Day?

A Weather Alert Day is a good time to review your severe weather action plan. Where will you take shelter if a tornado warning is issued? What are your alternate routes to work, home, or school if major roads become hazardous?

5NEWS promises to have the most critical information first in every newscast on Weather Alert Days. In addition, interactive Facebook chats will take place with our meteorologists to answer your questions.

The timing, intensity, and duration of weather events will be posted on-air and online to help you prepare and plan and the keep you one step ahead of our ever changing weather.

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