No Offseason For Small School Athletes

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At smaller classification schools, a lot of time and effort gets put in from student athletes.

"A lot of schools have guys that just play like offense, and then different guys that play defense," Prairie Grove senior Issac Disney said. "Most of us have to play both sides of the ball."

But it's not just playing both sides of the ball at these schools, It's also playing a sport every single season.

"It takes a lot of focus because you know all sports are different, and the environment is different," West Fork senior Brayden Burnett said. "At first you've got to adapt pretty quickly."

There's no offseason for these guys.

"It's definitely weird. You get over there it's like two practices in and then you have a game already because they've already started their season and stuff," Disney said.

"Vacation breaks are one of my very few like actual breaks because I'm constantly moving," Farmington sophomore Camryn Journagan said. "It's very rare, but it keeps me on my toes."

It's their work ethic and drive that keeps them going year around, whether it be on the court or the field.

"I know that it would be selfish not playing all three sports, just because lack of team members, lack of guys. You know, I just have a will to win, and a competitive spirit," Burnett said.

"It's definitely hard, but when you have great teammates like I do, and great coaches who are telling you to do your best, and just great people and a great community, it's easier when you have people telling you you can do this, you got it," Journagan said.

But, they've also got to get their work done in the classroom.

"You just got to make sacrifices. Sacrifice your sleep. Sometimes I wake up extra early to get it done in the morning, to finish what I have left over," Disney said.

"There are some nights where I just feel overwhelmed. But, my parents help me with that, and so do my coaches," Journagan said.

It's safe to say these guys live, eat, breath,and sleep athletics.

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