Chemotherapy Beads To Help Treat Liver Cancer

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Doctors in New York are trying out a promising new treatment for liver cancer.

The treatment uses Lumi beads that are coated in a chemotherapy drug.

So far, the treatment has only been used on 10 patients. However, nine of those patients have seen a positive response to the beads.

Doctors said that this treatment is beneficial to patients because the beads are less harmful than traditional chemo, as it better targets the tumor.

"So the advantage of the Lumi bead is that you can see where you're targeting in real time, and you'll have diminished side effects," said Dward Kim of Mount Sinai Hospital. "The drug will release slower and so the maximum effects will be in the tumor and not in the body."


Liver cancer is considered to be one of the most difficult cancers to treat because there are very few good surgical or treatment options available.

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  • Debe Hudson

    Enough with the chemo. Immunotherapy is the way to go. Forget the poisons, it’s time for us to demand good medical care instead of poisoning medical care. Immunotherapy is being used to kill cancer not just put it into remission. It’s time we quit feeding monies into the poisons. Time for something to help boost the immune system and not poison us.

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