Johnson County Township Thankful Weather Damage Wasn’t Worse

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JOHNSON COUNTY (KFSM)— Family members in the township of Batson said they are thankful they decided to find shelter in the middle of the night and stayed with a relative on Wednesday (April 27).

When they returned home, the roof of their mobile home was gone.

“There is just debris spread all the way around,” homeowner Shelli Stewart said.

In addition to all the sheet metal from the roof to clean up, a large, uprooted tree lay horizontally across the Stewart family’s backyard. Branches and tree limbs were everywhere.

“I`m glad nobody else has damage, but it`s the eerie that it could hit just that one spot,” Stewart said.

She said around 1 a.m. Wednesday, her family decided to pack up the car and go to her father's house as a round of strong thunderstorms rolled in.

“We really decided that we had abandoned ship for nothing, and then came back to find out that it was very fortunate that we did,” she said.

Her four children, including her youngest two: Landon, 7, and Bradley, 10, said they're thankful they left when they did, and that none of the animals that had to stay behind were hurt.

"It could have been worse,” Bradley said.

Wednesday morning and into the afternoon, the extended family helped clean up the rubble, and salvage what they could of the tin roof. Stewart said she feels more blessed than anything.

“We are just overwhelmed with the generosity of not just our families, but the community too of what`s already being offered to just come help clean up,” Stewart said.

She said all this damage in such a short amount of time is a good reminder of just how powerful and random Mother Nature can be.

The family said they do not have insurance, but are waiting to hear back from Franklin County Emergency Management to see if there is any damage they can report.

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