Severe Storms Leave Destruction In Northwest Arkansas

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WESLEY, Ark. (KFSM) - Severe storms that rolled through western Arkansas early Wednesday (April 27) left behind a path of destruction.

For resident Rhonda Jordan, the damage was a lot to take in.

"It is overwhelming, but I've got people checking on me and checking on the place," said Jordan.

She arrived home Wednesday morning (April 27) after having received a call from her sister who told Jordan that her shed had been thrown into her front yard.

"She said my building was gone," said Jordan, who had been staying the night with her mother nearby. "When I got here, I saw my building gone. The yard upset me more than the building, because there`s so many tree limbs down. I just cried."

Nearby on Madison 6041, the damage is more severe, with roofs missing from buildings and debris scattered through yards. However, Jordan said the string of events are another reminder of why she continues to call this community home.

"I`m so blessed to have these friends, these neighbors," said Jordan. "God is great."

Tony Herbert's home dodged any severe damage. He has lived in the area for about two years, but as a Louisiana native, he said he's never witnessed anything like it.

"At this point it's just cleaning up the yard, picking up the debris, piling it up," said Herbert. "We'll figure out what we'll do with it."

After that, he'll make sure he's prepared in case something like this happens again.

"The family's going to sit down and we'll probably put together a game plan," said Herbert. "[We] might start looking at storm shelters and see if we can invest in one of those."

No injuries were reported as a result of the storms.

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