Adventure Arkansas: Scenic Motorcycle Rides

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With the Steel Horse Rally in town this weekend, thousands of motorcycle riders will descend on Arkansas. In this week's Adventure Arkansas, we catch up with local riders and highlight some of the sweet scenic rides we have around us.

UAFS Student, Luke Patrick, has been riding a motorcycle since he was 16. "There's so much more that goes into it because you have to turn your whole body rather than just turn a steering wheel. It's a lot more of a mental battle and a physical battle and that's what it is, a battle with the curves."

And Bill Hutchinson of Wheeler Powersports in Fort Smith has been battling those same curves for close to 50 years. "You get to feel the corners and lean into the corners, and it's a whole different perspective."

Our highways offer countless scenic sights from 2 wheels. From Highway 71 from Alma to Fayetteville, Highway 59 north from Van Buren and of course the Pig Trail from Ozark to Eureka Springs.  Luke explains what makes our highways great for a ride. "I think if you ask any motorcycle person, they'll say it's a lot more freeing than in a car. You get to experience more of what's around you, and become a lot more aware of what's going on and all the scenery."

Bill also adds you still need to be aware when watching the scenery. "Don't become too engrossed in looking at the scenery, you still have to pay attention to where you're going. You need to watch out for gravel and we do have an abundance of wildlife in this part of the country so you'll have to be careful of that."

It's also important to maintain awareness between motorcycle and car drivers sharing the highways, especially as the motorcycle community continues to grow.  Bill notes, "Now there's a very huge cross section of people. All the way from doctors and lawyers, everybody and the common bond is the motorcycle."

The differentiating factor?  Style, "Every motorcycle rider gets nit picky with their bikes and they'll start putting this on here and this on there and it's just a personal experience kind of thing."

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In addition to college, Luke's day job is right here as a video editor at 5NEWS.  Special thanks to both Luke, Bill, and Wheeler Powersports for their help and insights to this adventure.

Bonus: This Saturday Wheeler Powersports is having a stunt show and open house to celebrate 49 years!

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