Garrett’s Blog: Upcoming Rain & Thunderstorms

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Rain and thunderstorms will return to our area on Friday and Saturday. The heaviest will be on Friday.

There is a chance some of the storms could contain quarter size hail or larger and may prompt severe warnings.

Image 126

The highest severe weather risk remains in Oklahoma and Texas but will be dependent on the position of the warm front. The tornado threat is not zero but it is lower than the other night.

Image 120

7AM FRIDAY: Rain is moving in from the southwest the northeast. Expect rain for the morning drive.

**There is a chance some of these storms could be severe and contain hail up to quarter size. The location of the warm front will be key. If it builds farther north than expected due to a mid day clearing, the tornado risk will also increase along and south of the warm front.**

Image 121

9AM FRIDAY: Widespread showers and thunderstorms will be likely.

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6PM FRIDAY: Although it won’t be nonstop, showers with a few thunderstorms will continue to be in the area on Friday evening.

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7AM SATURDAY: Another round of rain will move across parts of the region Saturday morning.

Image 128

6PM SATURDAY: Rain will still be a possibility but it’ll be far less than across the area with much lower and even zero rain chances for Sunday.

Image 122

This is a look at two day rainfall totals. Notice the heaviest rain will be located in southwest Arkansas where upwards of 4″ of rainfall will be possible.

In the Fort Smith, River Valley area we’ll see closer to 2″ with NW Arkansas seeing around 1-2″.

More rain might return to the area on Tuesday of next week.