Jury Expected To Deliberate Soon In Thacker Case

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LEFLORE COUNTY, Okla. (KFSM) — After three weeks of hearing testimonies, the jury is expected to deliberate in the Elvis Thacker murder trial.

Thacker is accused of the September 2010 murder and forcible sodomy of Briana Ault.

If convicted, Thacker could face the death penalty.

Rebuttals finished up on Thursday (April 28).

Court was dismissed early after the defense presented an argument to the judge of a different verdict.

The defense stated that their case is guilty to accessory of murder after the fact. If the judge accepted, he would have to instruct the jury that they could find Thacker guilty, guilty to accessory of murder after-the-fact or acquit him.

The Leflore County judge denied the request and told the courtroom Arkansas is out of his jurisdiction.

Ault was murdered in Oklahoma according to investigators. Investigators have said after Ault was murdered Elvis Thacker and his brother Jonathen drove into Arkansas.

The defense and prosecution are expected to argue closing statements on Friday morning (April 29) before the decision goes to the jury.

Ault’s family members said they were instructed to be prepared for a late night.

Once a jury decides on the verdict, the trial will move into the second stage of the sentencing if need be.

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