Lexi Weeks Filling Big Pole Vault Shoes For Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Sandi Morris wrote herself into Arkansas record books during her senior year.

"She set the bar high for me, and I definitely want to follow in her footsteps," freshman pole vaulter Lexi Weeks said. "I mean I'm aiming for her records she set."

But now, Weeks is jumping at the chance to fill those big shoes.

"I won SEC's indoors and I won nationals. That was just so exciting. So I'm just hoping, I mean outdoors I've been carrying on that momentum from indoors," Weeks said.

It's not only the records set by Morris that have been driving Weeks, but it's also Morris herself pushing and helping her soar to the top.

"I get to train with Sandi every day. It's so cool to just come and be training with one of the top vaulters in the world. That's pretty incredible. So, she did so well last year, I think it's just inspiring for me," Weeks said.

So far during outdoors, Weeks has jumped not only a personal best clearing the 15 foot mark yet again, but also the third best performance in NCAA history just behind Morris.

"I train with her ever single day, I've kind of forgotten like every day oh she is one of the best vaulters in the world. And that's, I mean most people don't get that opportunity. Every day I watch her, and I watch her technique, and I aspire the be the vaulter that she is. Every time I watch her vault, I take mental notes of this is what she is doing correctly. This is what I've got to do to be jumping as well as her," Weeks said.

She's well on her way to achieving that.