Bentonville Film Festival Co-Founders Discuss BFF Mission

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- The Bentonville Film Festival continues offering plenty of activities for all ages. There's a full lineup of things to do again Thursday (May 5) and there's something for everyone.

Festival co-founders Geena Davis and Trevor Drinkwater addressed the media Wednesday (May 4), taking an opportunity to thank the sponsors. They also took questions from those in attendance. However, the main point of the event Wednesday was to create change.

"This film festival and initiative surrounding it presents a real opportunity to impact not just who's in front of the camera, but who's behind it," said co-found Geena Davis. "To really support female and diverse filmmakers, and offer them not only a platform for their films, but really impact the industry," Davis said.

"Once we leave Bentonville and go into the real world and real jobs, and affect change in the way we spend media dollars and what we put on TV.. It's such a unique opportunity to work with these companies to do that," said co-found Trevor Drinkwater. "We're excited about setting this platform in motion and allowing us to come back the first week in May every year, and measure our own change," Drinkwater added.

Thursday, they're taking the mission statement to a whole new level. Geena DAvis and some other talented women will do a table read like you've never seen before! They're going to re-imagine some dialogue from all-male movie scenes. This event is happening at 3 p.m. at Crystal Bridges.

If you want to find out more about BFF, download the app to you cell phone. It's free and informs you with up to the minute information.


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