Clarksville Band Performs For Veterans In Washington D.C.

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WASHINGTON D.C. (KFSM) -- The Clarksville High School Band was in Washington D.C. on Thursday (May 5) to pay tribute to World War II veterans.

"I've never been to Washington D.C. and this is the biggest trip our band has ever taken," said drum major and senior Sierra Visger. " I've never played in something as big as this, so it is amazing."

This is the first time this band has traveled to Washington D.C. They arrived Wednesday night and will head home on Sunday (May 8).

"We've been going to Kansas City and we went to a baseball game, and play at a festival -- a small festival,"she said. "We get rated. It's fun, but it's not as big as this."

Jared Davis, Clarksville's concert band director, said they went on the trip to give students the once in a lifetime experience of seeing the nation's capitol and performing for the veterans.

"Our World War II veterans are very special to our country right now because there is so few of them left," Davis said.