Greenland High School Opens Cafeteria Following April Storm Damage

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GREENLAND (KFSM) -- Greenland High School opened its cafeteria back up to students Monday (May 9), less than two weeks after strong winds ripped off part of its roof.

A few missing titles and insulation laying around the room were the only reminders of the damage left behind after severe storms on April 27.

Students have returned to using the area once again following major cleanup efforts.

"We've hired restoration experts to come in and dry and take care of the damage that was done," said Larry Ben, superintendent of Greenland School District. "And [the cafeteria] is completed at this point in time."

Ben said the focus moving forward has been keeping the rain out of the building, before new plans are adopted to replace the 55-year-old roof.

"We'll do it as soon as we can but it will be a couple of weeks before we even have the answers that we need as far as what kind of roof needs to go back on the structure," said Ben.

Misty Wilson, who has children who attend Greenland High School, said the roof incident was scary, but also said that she understands the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

"Those things happen no matter what kind of school you have, just cause you can predict mother nature," said Wilson. "It's one of those things that always worries you. It doesn't matter whether the schools brand new or not. It unfortunately happens."

She said she was just glad that the roof is finally getting replaced after several incidents over the years.

"They've gradually done things to make it work and make it last and eventually the wind just took a number on it," said Wilson. "It makes me feel better that they're going to be in there every day with a new roof and it's not going to affect it as much."

Work could get started on replacing the roof by late May, according to Ben, who said they'll continue to monitor the situation during severe weather conditions.

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