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“League Of Their Own” Cast Reunites To Play Ball At Bentonville Film Festival

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Six of the Rockford Peaches from "A League Of Their Own" reunited Sunday (May 8) on the last day of the Bentonville Film Festival.

Freddie Simpson, who played Ellen Sue Gotlander, said even though the movie was released in 1992, it feels like no time has passed.

'It's as though we just did it, you know, a day ago,” Simpson said. “The way we connected when we were doing it, and the way we still connect now is amazing.”

The purpose of the Bentonville Film Festival is to empower women and the cast said they were excited to celebrate some of the women who actually inspired the film, but those women were just as excited to meet the cast.

“Everything's exciting, and I’m nervous, and I can't wait to meet my buddies, my girlfriends,” Gina Casey said.

Gina Casey did not play with the original Rockford Peaches, but she was on a farm team they drafted from.

“These ladies that played in the 40s paved the road for the young kids now that get scholarships,” Casey said. “When I played, there was no such thing as scholarships. We support our own self, and I think it's great that these girls can play any sport now, any sport.”

Casey threw the first pitch of the game and the cast got on the field at Arvest Ballpark in Springdale to play alongside the Blue and Red teams that were made up of individuals from the festival’s sponsors.

Geena Davis who starred in the movie and is the co-founder of the film festival said they're planning to reunite again at next year's festival.

“We've stayed in touch since the movie, but it's really fun,” Davis said. “I'm so glad so many of them are here. There was a few more that wanted to come too but different responsibilities, but next year's the 25th anniversary of the movie, so we're going to have as many as we can next year.”

At the end of the day, the Blue team won, and Davis said planning for next year’s festival starts next week.

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