Southside High Wraps Up Final Year As Rebels

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The school year is coming to an end, and for one local high school it marks the end of a tradition that spanned more than five decades.

Students at Southside High School are getting ready to wrap up their school year, and it's the very last time these students will be represented by the Johnny Reb mascot.

With changes to come starting this summer, the Southside Rebel mascot will be changed to the Mavericks. This is after, committees voted to replace the former mascot due to suggested racism issues.

Crews will start working on the football field and basketball court during the summer months. All the logos will be switched over to the Mavericks.

Throughout the school year, Southside students have put forth their best effort to make sure to enjoy this school year marking the end of a long-running tradition. Several organizations at the school dominated state championships this year and choir students had a big year with winning a number of awards.

Southside Principal Wayne Haver said these seniors want to be remembered as the last Rebel graduates.

"Students are accepting the fact we are now going to be the mavericks and we will start that tradition," Haver said.

The principal said all the work of transitioning from the Rebels to the Mavericks will be complete by this fall.


  • lacey0405

    I am disappointed in the school system for making this a priority. Those thousands of dollars need to be spent on actual education , new text books, facility repairs, or perhaps better lunches. I am saddened by the decision of the school board to waste funds on a name change.

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