Insurance Agents/Body Shops Busy Following Hail Storm

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Local body shops and roofers have been busy ever since a round of storms came through a week and half ago leaving behind a lot of damage behind. Insurance agents have also been busier than usual, and have been seeing an increase in customers.

Heavy rain and even golf ball size hail if not bigger was seen in some of the counties. This caused a lot of damage to cars and homes throughout the area.

Business has really increased for local roofers and car repair shops. Workers said they've had non-stop customers ever since the April 29th storm. Before customers stop by, they need to call or stop by and see their insurance agent and have their car assessed for damages. In the Fort Smith area, they're spots set up on 74th Street and also along Towson Avenue.

Agents have been seeing everything from moderate damage to even some vehicles being total losses.

When folks stop by an insurance tent, the first thing they need to do is get a claim set up. From there, you can make an appointment with insurance agent. Afterwards you can stop one of their locations to get your car assessed. Workers will go over every panel of your vehicle looking to see how bad the damage is.

Insurance companies have tents set up on 74th Street and also on Towson Avenue. This helps give folks a drive-in option because the shops themselves are so busy with the amount of people stopping by.

Local body repair shops said they'll be working on taking care of damage for the next six months at least. The same goes for roofing companies. Many of them are also booked to hail damage to homes.