Adventure Arkansas: Onyx Cave

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There are an estimated 2,000 caves all across Northern Arkansas according to Arkansas Parks and Tourism. Of those, there's a handful that offer a spectacular underground show for the public. In this week's Adventure Arkansas, our team goes to Eureka Springs and follow a group of first time spelunkers into Onyx Cave.

"If I had to describe it in a word, I would say it is Majestic"

Angie, Laura, Gloria and Melyssa are visiting from Layfette, Louisiana, and experiencing the underground for the first time and are amazed at that they see.

Laura Baker says, "I didn't expect the definition or the formations to be quite so exact. I've never been to one before so it was a surprise."

Onyx Cave has been a part of owner Robert Schmidt's life for over 50 years and explains how accessible this cave is to everyone. "Pretty easy to do. We have a self guided system. You don't have to wait for a group. It takes about a half hour. Easy for older people and easy for little kids."

Among the countless stalagmites and stalactites, our friends from Lafayette loved one rock feature in particular.

Melyssa Derouen explains, "I thought the elephant was really cool. It's right around the corner. There's a rock shaped like an elephant."

While the rocky decor continues to get more awe inspiring as you explore, one thing doesn't change. As you continue to go deeper and deeper into the cave, you'll notice that the temperature doesn't change. It remains at 57° throughout the entire cave system. That cold air funnels right back into the gift shop as the air conditioner.

The history of this cave been a tourist attraction since the late 1800s. However, Melyssa could see this underground palace as pretty homey. "I was, in my mindset when I was walking through, like man, people used to way back in the day they used to live in these things. I was like WHA?!"

Angie could live here, with just some modifications. "I could live in a cave, with a few modern adjustments."

Laura says, "As long as it has WiFi, we are all good."

The cave is open 9 to 5 everyday. Tickets for adults cost $7.50 and kids cost $3.50.

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