Fayetteville Superintendent Reverses Course On School Admin Changes

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The Fayetteville School District announced Monday (May 23) that it is reversing its plans to reassign several middle and elementary school vice principals to different schools.

Several parents of students expressed concerns about the changes that were supposed to happen next school year in an online petition.

Outgoing Superintendent Paul Hewitt had said the district is preparing for the future by giving vice principals the opportunity to work in different school environments, but Monday Hewitt issued the following statement:

"After reviewing our district policies regarding personnel transfers, I have decided to withdraw the proposed assistant principal transfers from the May 26 school board meeting agenda. Our administrative team will continue to recruit, develop, and retain the very best administrators for our schools."

Parents argued the reassignment of school leadership should wait until incoming Superintendent Matthew Wendt had a chance to asses what the school district needs.

Former McNair Middle School PTA president Michelle Kieklak said all she and the other parents hoped to accomplish was what`s in the best interest of the children.

"I would just like to thank Dr. Hewitt really for his service to the district and opening up the lines of communication, as well as our school board there communication and the 530 people that signed the petition. I think we`re stronger and better for this," said Kieklak.

Hewitt is retiring at the end of June and Wendt will take over July 1.