Heritage Hopeful Under New Coach Tony Travis

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ROGERS (KFSM) - Rogers Heritage last year went 0-10, and the War Eagles haven't had a winning season since 2012. New head coach Tony Travis says they are working one day at a time to change that.

"My expectation is for us to get better each day," Travis said. "You know, and as long as we can get better I feel like we're going the right direction."

Before taking over the reigns at Heritage, Travis helped build the Pea Ridge Blackhawk program up, bringing the school the furthest they've ever been in the state playoffs.

"The success we were able to have at Pea Ridge, you know it gives you a confidence as a coach that hey, we've been able to do this before, and going forward hopefully we can repeat it," Travis said.

Already through spring football, his players are seeing a difference in themselves.

"They're making us work a lot harder, and they're bringing us together more as a team which was a problem last year," senior safety Josh Palacios said. "We didn't really have a united team. We were kind of more separated and had different groups. I think we're really working on that a lot this year."

These guys are buying into what the future could be for Heritage under Travis.

"I hope the same thing," senior tight end Mason Gray said. "It may not happen this year, but it may happen in the future which is great for Heritage. I just hope that's the case, and hopefully it is this year. Hopefully he brings in a dynasty, and we become pretty good."

But first, they need to get something back these guys have been lacking in the past.

"We've got to get in some ball games this year, and win one of those games nobody thinks we can win, and start getting some confidence on the field as well," Travis said.

Travis and the War Eagles first first test will be against Little Rock Central on September 2nd.