Walmart Neighborhood Market Opens On South Side Of Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A new Walmart Neighborhood Market opened today on the south side of Fayetteville, just off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

When the Fayetteville Planning Commission approved the building in April 2015, some opposed the idea, saying they felt it might not fit in with the Fayetteville vibe.

Many people like Grant Holden, who was shopping in the store, said they were excited it is open because of the location.

“It`s about two blocks from my house and it`s very convenient to be able to travel, even walk over to the store and grab a couple groceries or lunch,” said Holden.

The store also carries local items like beer and baked goods from Rick’s Bakery.

Another Walmart shopper Erin Gillen said she likes the additions.

"I'm excited about the Rick's Bakery section," said Gillen. "It's a local bakery, and bringing it to a Walmart makes it easier for other people who can't get to the bakery and be able to buy that product.”

The store was also designed to be pedestrian friendly, located  on the Frisco bike trail; there are also bike racks and a bicycle repair station.

But not everyone is happy the store opened. Fletcher Hall lives in Fayetteville, and said he has mixed emotions about it.

“Walmart is convenient but not necessarily your friend especially for the small business owners and they tend to drive other people out of business,” said Hall.

The pickup feature is also available at the new location, which means shoppers just have to select items online, pay for it, check in at a kiosk outside the store and a Walmart associate will deliver them to the car.

This store will also be open 24-hours-a-day and will have a pharmacy.



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