Python Bites Man’s Penis While He Uses The Toilet

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CHACHOENAGSAO, Thailand — A man from Thailand is recovering after a snake attack endangered one of his appendages.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was in his home, east of Bangkok, when an 11-foot snake swam up through the toilet he was sitting on, and bit him on the penis.

Then the 11-foot python refused to let go, forcing Boonmakchuay to fight to get the snake free.

According to, Boonmakchuay called for his wife to get a rope and managed to tie the python’s head to the bathroom door so he could detach himself “before he passed out from loss of blood,” the site wrote.

Boonmakchuay’s wife told Thairath when she entered the bathroom, she saw her bleeding husband fighting a python. She watched as he tied the snake to the door and wrangled himself free before losing consciousness.

The man was hospitalized and has full memory of the bizarre event. He told reporters he carefully unhinged the snake’s jaws rather than forcing the snake free — because he “did not want to risk permanent damage to his self.”

As for the snake, rescue workers dismantled the toilet and were able to take the snake from the home alive.

And get this, they were able to smash enough of the fixture to free the snake, which is expected to be released into the wild.



  • The Patriot

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