Travel Increases Through Local Airport During Walmart Shareholder Meeting

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Walmart Shareholders week has arrived, bringing employees from one of the world’s largest employers to Northwest Arkansas for the annual meeting.

“It is exciting. There have been a bunch of people telling me this is going to be a good deal,” said Ronald Barnes, an employee of Walmart for more than 12 years.

According to those with Walmart, more than 1,000 international arrived Sunday (May 29).

“We have had just the easiest travel day of all. It wasn’t bad,” said Ginger Sain, a resident of north east Arkansas.

Sain was one of the few traveling into XNA who does not work for Walmart. Sain spent the last week traveling between Arkansas and Las Vegas.

Both Sain, and Barnes, said they would be spending the rest of their week relaxing in Northwest Arkansas.

“I drive a truck, and ride around Atlanta. It will be good to come here and relax a little,” Barnes said.

“We are going to go spend two more days with my daughter. We are going to go to an AMP concert with her,” Sain said.

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