Local Theater Company Raises Money To Help Children’s Emergency Shelter

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- The Wanda J. Williams Theater Company held auditions Wednesday (June 1) for its first play, Snow White.

The theater company owner and director, Danielle Ross, said one fourth of the company's profit from the play will go to the Children's Emergency Shelter.

Ross said the shelter was a special place for her after she was taken from her parents as a child.

"Everyone at the shelter was just so supportive and so welcoming and we were only there for a short time, but it was definitely memorable," Ross said. "They definitely taught me a lot."

Ross named the company after her grandmother, who saved her from the shelter and she wants to help raise awareness for the foster care community.

"We are actually going to have some foster parents in the audience and they'll kind of be there in case anyone wants to talk about fostering or adopting from foster care after the show," Ross said.

Jamie Mathews said this is a great opportunity to showcase her skills, while acting for a good cause.

"I think it helps people a lot, because when you're watching this you'll see , 'oh this is a kid's play,' and then you'll know that they're helping kids," Mathews said.

Snow White will have its first show in August and the theater company hopes to help the shelter out even more in the future.

"With the next play, we hope to give a larger portion," Ross said.

For more information about the Wanda J. Williams Theater Company and dates of the plays and auditions, you can visit the company's Facebook page.

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