First Street Fiesta Held In Springdale

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- The first ever street fiesta was put on Saturday (June 4) by the Latin Art Organization of Arkansas in Springdale.

More than 200 people came out for the street fiesta which was started to bring the Latino community in Northwest Arkansas together through music, dancing and art.

The festival lined the street with tents full of crafts and vendors selling food but the main attraction was the entertainment. There were singers and Mexican folklore dancers.

One of the dancers Juliette Barroso said there was something to represent many of the Latino cultures.

“I think it`s pretty cool because people get to see different cultures not just the Hispanic heritage and I think that if you are Hispanic you should be proud of it,” said Barroso.

Organizer Arazeli Lopez said they hoped the event will bring youth together and show them more about their culture.

"I think it's very important having them do something like this. They are promoting the future for us and they are also doing something instead of being in the streets,” said Lopez

Barroso said getting kids involved in any activity is great but if it has to do with their culture it's even better.

"This is my eighth year being in this group dance. I’m proud of it. I hope kids enjoy being in another activities...out of school, during school, it's pretty much fun,” said Barroso.

Organizers said since the fiesta was so successful they will definitely be having another next year and they hope it will be even bigger and better.


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