Fort Smith Cyclists Want Bikes And Money Back After Shop Closes

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Scott Chapman was inside of Scott's Bike Shop in Fort Smith when a woman came by Tuesday (June 7) wanting to get her bicycle from the closed down shop.

Chapman, the store's prior owner, helped her get what she had paid for.

From Facebook to phone calls, many are wondering why Scott's Bike Shop closed without letting customers know. Some have said they have bicycles inside the shop waiting for repairs while others have said they paid money to the shop for a purchase they never received.

Chapman said his name hangs above the door, but he sold the shop to Jeff Jones a year ago. Jones is listed as the new owner on the Arkansas Secretary of State website.

"You build up a corporation. You have an opportunity to sell it. That is the American dream," Chapman said. "I was paid for my corporation, but what I have not been paid on is the property and the land."

Chapman said he still technically owns the building, so he went inside to clean and give customers back what belongs to them.

Jones told 5NEWS Chapman evicted him from the building, so he was not allowed to open the shop this week. He also said he did his best to contact all his customer this weekend, so they could come pick up their bicycles.

"This notion that I just chose not to show up on Monday and I do not care if you get your bicycle is completely false," he said.

Jones said the business also did not do as well as he had hope this past year because of the rain, so he knew he would not be able to get a big enough loan to fulfill the contract and buy the property.

"It was a very frustrating time because so much of it was out of my hands," Jones said. "If I could have stopped the rain I would have several times."

Chapman plans to reopen the shop, but without his name above the door. He also said anyone who may have a bicycle in the shop for repair or a bicycle that was purchased to come by during the day to pick it up.

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    This has got to be the most pointless story I have read on this tabloid website in a long time. But hey, I’m a glutton for punishment.

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