Amazeum Remains Popular Destination For “Unfield Trips”

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- The Scott Family Amazeum offers a great place for an "unfield trip" -- a school trip that combines both learning and fun.

Unfield trips to the Amazeum are led by teachers, and the experience can be tailored based on what students are learning in the classroom.

"They get to make these trips their own," said Dana Engelbert, the marketing manager for the Amazeum. "They get to personalize it to what they're learning, so if they're learning about hydrology in a science unit, they might spend their entire day at nature valley amazement's seeing how water flows when you change the channel seeing the effects of friction and force on water."

There were 352 school group visits last year, with around 25,000 kids visiting from Northwest Arkansas,  Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

For many kids, this is the only time they'll get to come to the Amazeum. However some of the visitors will come back with their parents.

Students get a post card after their visit, and one student even wrote back and said they decided to become a scientist because of the Amazeum.

The museum offers reduced rates for schools that pay in advance. Additionally, the Walmart Foundation provided a grant of about $300,000 to offset costs for students.