Local Women’s Shelter Seeks Funding Help

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ROGERS (KFSM) —  The Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter is seeking the community’s help, saying a lack of funding could force their services to shut down.

Director John McGee said a decade of falling short on community outreach could be to blame for the shelter running low on funding.

“If you don’t tell people you exist, no one knows you exist. And if you don’t tell them you have a need, no one knows you have a need,” McGee said. “I think we will need to raise roughly a million dollars a year from the community.”

The shelter, which helps women who have experiences sexual and physical abuse, hopes to raise $150,000 by the end of June. Currently, they only have around $75,000 collected.

By taking to social media, McGee encourages anyone who is able to do their part to help those in need in the community through private donations.

“Individual donations can be anything, from someone writing the check themselves, or an organization going out and doing a fundraiser and sending the proceeds for that effort,” McGee said.

To visit the shelter’s Facebook page, where many are helping out, click here.

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  • The Patriot

    My charity is the federal government. That’s where my taxes go to fund illegal immigration and “refugees” aka THE INVASION. So, once the invasion is halted and we don’t have to support Third World lawbreakers then maybe we taxpayers will have more money to give to more worthy causes such as yours Mr. McGee.

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