Morgan Nick: Missing For 21 Years

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ALMA (KFSM) -- Twenty-one years later the search to find Morgan Nick is still on.

The 6-year-old Morgan Nick was abducted from an Alma ball park on June 9, 1995. She was at the ball park with her family when they said she went to catch lightning bugs with two friends.

The last time Morgan was seen, she was emptying sand from her shoes near her mother's car.

Investigators have said the two friends with her noticed a suspicious man in a red truck with a white camper there that night. Morgan disappeared after 10 p.m. and so did the red pickup. The man believed to be driving the pickup was estimated to be in his mid-twenties at the time.

"We had every belief that we would find her immediately, that when the police arrived they would fix this and they would make it okay," said Colleen Nick, Morgan's mother. "We never imagined that we would be here 21 years later, but we're here, and we haven't given up our fight."

Today, Morgan is 27-years-old. A massive investigation has turned up thousands of leads over the years. Her family is still hopeful that she will return home.

"I still believe that we will find Morgan. Until someone can prove to me that she's not out there, then I am going to keep fighting for her," Colleen Nick said. "We've seen these crazy miraculous cases, the girls from Ohio, the three girls who lived in one community, who were all kidnapped and held in captivity, in a house in their community for 10 years before they were rescued. Jaycee Duggard was 11 years old when she was kidnapped and she was held in captivity for 18 years before she was recovered. We know that kids survive. Not every child who is kidnapped is murdered, and we have to fight for the ones who have survived. Until someone can prove to me that Morgan didn't survive, then I am going to keep fighting for her."




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