Rat Snake Falls Out Of Car Dashboard Onto Driver On I-49

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- What was meant to be a quick trip to the store, quickly turned into what many would call a nightmare for a local woman.

Trapped in a car, in the middle of Interstate 49, Kelly Swisher had a four-foot-long rat snake fall from her dashboard onto her feet Thursday (June 9).

"As soon as it landed on my feet, I felt it," Swisher said. "It was rough and scaly. As it slithered across my feet, it was the nails-on-a-chalk-board kind of thing."

Swisher said she could not remember what happened after the snake fell on her legs.snake2

"I do not know if I had my hands on the steering wheel or not," Swisher said. “I am not the most flexible person in the world, but I can guarantee my knees were up next to my ears."

In what may have been the oddest 911 call of the day, Swisher pleaded for help, but before the snake could be removed, it disappeared into the dashboard again.

Swisher braved the situation though, and got back into the driver’s seat. she said she just hoped the snake would stay in the dashboard until she could get off the interstate.

"That did not work out either," Swisher said. "Here he comes, and he wound up in the back seat of my car."

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office called out animal control and eventually the snake was caught.

Swisher said she is just glad the situation was resolved safely.snake

"God had his hand on me. He protected me. He protected my car. That is all there is to that," Swisher said.

But she said she will watch her feet more closely.

Rat snakes feed primarily on rodents and birds and are one of the most popular reptile pets in the world. Bites are rarely serious and generally the snakes pose no threat to humans.


  • Citizen

    If God had had his hand on you, you wouldn’t have had a snake fall on your feet! What does your life look like when God is not protecting you?

    • Vincent Ross

      Everyone has bad things happen to them in their lives…. it does not mean God did not look out for them. Or are you going to claim bad things never happen to you? Tell us that next time you lose a family member (and you will eventually). God may be why it was not a lot worse… like a pileup on the interstate.

    • Mike Haring

      You’re not the god, not a god. You can not explain god. Pretending you know what a god would do is shallow. Oh, I bet your a silverback gorilla expert too. If you understood more your statement wouldn’t have been so uninformed.

      Go ahead, walk down the street, tell everyone you meet I know what a god is doing, I know what they are thinking.

  • cecilfrank

    Must have a rat or mouse problem inside that car otherwise the snake would not have been in there. Mice can wreck havoc on a car. They will nest inside your HVAC (A/C) system and chew the insulation off wiring. Just went through this with a 2013 Sonata.

  • Vincent Ross

    Glad the driver kept cool well enough not to wreck. Had that happen to me a couple years ago. A great BIG black snake came out from under my car seat.. fortunately I was only doing about 30 mph. We learned to close the car windows at night. Once I saw what it was it did not really bother me… but for a second I about messed my pants. He was a really big one too. I grabbed him by the head but could not pull him out from under the seat till I got stopped… then had to get down and unwind him from the seat base. He was a good 6 foot, and about as big around as my wrist.

    At Interstate speeds that could have been a really bad thing.. the woman did good. A lotta guys could not hold it together.. and generally women are even more panicky about snakes. She deserves a pat on the back for keeping control of the vehicle.

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