Heavener’s Freedom Fest In Need Of Donations

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HEAVENER,OK (KFSM) - In a few weeks, many Independence Day celebrations will take place across the country. Fireworks being a main attraction of those events. However, fireworks are firing up those who live in Heavener, Oklahoma.

Right now, the small town is looking for donations so they can get a chance to celebrate the Fourth of July with a knockout fireworks display.

The Chamber of Commerce always start looking for donations around spring time. They go door to door to local businesses and gather the money that they can. Also, they depend on the 48 chamber members to donate their own money.

Each year, they always have the games and food taken care by volunteers, but they need the money to pay for the big firework display at the very end.

President Dylan Roberts said the community is always willing to offer assistance when it's for an important cause. "The thing about the area that we live in is when there is a need.. people rally around to make sure the need is met," said Roberts.

As of now, the chamber is half way there and only have two more weeks to gather the rest. They're in need of a grand total of $5,500 by the week of the holiday.

It's important to note that Freedom Fest will still take place because the food and games at the event are covered. Freedom Fest is on Saturday (July 2) at Blues Park starting at 6:00 p.m. "We're excited that we can offer events like this to families with no cost around the area," according to Roberts.

If you want to donate, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce in Heavener.