IPhone Feature Lets Emergency Workers Find Medical Information On Locked Phones

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After the Orlando massacre, a woman’s Facebook post about adding Medical ID information to your cell phones has gone viral.

One of the simplest ways to help first responders, police and hospital staff during an emergency is enabling the Medical ID feature on your cell phone.

This feature allows first responders to call an emergency contact and find important medical information quickly. Most importantly, they can do this without unlocking the cell phone.

Bypassing the phone lock can help responders learn potential lifesaving information, as well as contact loved ones more quickly. Cell phone users can add things such as health conditions, medicine, allergies, and blood type to their Medical IDs.

IPhone users can enable the Medical ID feature in their health app by adding their information in the “Medical ID” tab.

Enabling a similar setting can be a bit trickier for Android users. Some devices have an emergency contact field within the settings, such as beneath the sub-menu “My Information.” However, others do not come equipped with the setting, so they will have to download an ICE app, which stands for In Case of Emergency, to do the trick. Just be sure to find an app that is accessible from the lock screen.