Vigil Held For Orlando Shooting Victims In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A vigil was held in Fayetteville on Tuesday (June 14) to mourn the loss of life in Orlando, after a mass shooting at a gay bar killed nearly 50 people.  The event was held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

“God accompanies us. There is a sense that God is on the side of those who are suffering. God is on the side of those who are grieving,” said Clint Schneckloth, pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Susan Hartman, staff member at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality, said these events are meant to bring the community together.

“We stand together as one,” Hartman said. “The LGBT community is one big family.”

The host church welcomed everyone to the community event.

“This gives people a chance to lift a prayer, and to grieve, and repent,” Schneckloth said. “And, to remember those who have died.”

“This can help us start a process of healing. And, it can help us move forward as we move forward towards equality in this nation,” Hartman said.

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  • tasdgs

    I believe that homosexuality is wrong and immoral but that does not give anyone the excuse to kill someone else for their sexual orientation. I pray for the victim’s family and friends.

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