Adventure Arkansas: True Grit 100

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A journey of 100 miles starts with one pedal. For bikers in the River Valley, they’ve been training to tackle the True Grit 100 ride this weekend! Sean Bailey introduces us to some of the riders and find out what will pushing them through one of the longest endurance races in Arkansas. 


Jamie Cancel, a True Grit 100 Competitor, says, "No matter where you’re at, it brings out the best in people."

This weekend, cyclists of all levels in the River Valley like Jamie will go the distance. 100 miles appears daunting, but Patrick Duboise explains that you have to start small.

"I mean I thought, 'I can do this, and everyone else is doing it' and oh yeah it’s whoa. So you need to get started to out and you know do some 10 mile stuff and 15 mile stuff."

Pacing yourself is key, according to cyclist Tiffany Diaz Linam.

"I would really encourage you to consider mile 80 when you are at mile 20. And what I mean by that is, start hydrating and eating as quick as possible because you don’t want to wait until you feel hungry or thirsty to hydrate and have nutrition."

Preparing yourself physically is only half the battle, Jamie explains it’s also mental.

“To try and tackle the entire 100 miles to go and prepare themselves mentally to go 30 miles, 50 miles, 60 miles. So that they aren’t looking at the 100 miles as an entire thing but to break it down in portions."

But as Randy McIntosh mentions, you aren’t alone in this physical and mental battle. "A lot of times you’re with people and there’s other people that will keep you going. You know mentally you just gotta click thorough it and just think you got only 2 more hours, I can do this."

As you complete the challenge, your accomplishment begins to sink in.

Tiffany explains, "Mostly you’re like well thank goodness that’s over. But when you look back it;s just amazing to think that you pedaled with 2 pedals, 100 miles. It’s the most incredible feeling."

With so many places to ride in the River Valley there’s a lot of reasons why cyclists like Jamie continue pushing the limits of their power on the pedals. "I do this to keep myself healthy and have fun and meet new people and enjoy the road."

The fifth annual True Grit 100 race starts at Chaffee Crossing at 7 am Saturday, June 18th, with a cook out and live music through the rest of the morning and afternoon.

For more information on biking in the River Valley, visit here.

There's also a map of the True Grit 100 race, and more information on Arkansas State Criterium Championships.

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