Elkins Ordinance Could Ban Residents From Parking Along Neighborhood Streets

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ELKINS (KFSM) --A new ordinance in the city of Elkins could change where residents can park at home.

If the ordinance passes, residents may not be able to park on neighborhood streets, meaning that all of their vehicles would have to fit in their driveways.

“We have four vehicles and you can only park so many without rotating them out of your garage and stuff,” said resident Jason Sharpe. "And we have people visiting all the time."

Others don't have a problem with it.

“It will clean up the streets for one thing, make it more appealing visually...like we have some pods up the street and we can't even see the street because of them," resident Bobby Hill said. "I don`t have a problem with it.”

The City of Elkins said when vehicles are parked along the road on residential streets, emergency responders can't get to the calls safely.

Measuring from the edge of a sedan to the curb is 21 feet, which is wider than any emergency vehicle in the City of Elkins.

The Elkins Fire Department and Central EMS also said they're not aware of any problems driving emergency vehicles through the streets.

The city suggests people extend their driveways or park in the yard if they have to.

“You park in your yard, you are going to have ruts and it will make the whole neighborhood look like junk," Sharpe said.

However, the ordinance will allow people to park in the street for up to eight hours.

“You can get two cars in the garage and four on the driveway if you absolutely had to, so I can't imagine someone having more than six cars," Hill said.

Violators will have to pay a fine of anywhere between $25-100 for each offense.


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