Police: FBI Involved After Local Couple Arrested On Suspicion Of Terroristic Threatening

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- The FBI is now involved after Daphne Crawford and her husband Alana Crawford were both arrested Thursday (June 16) in two separate incidents.

Alan Crawford was arrested in Sebastian County and his wife, Daphne Crawford, was arrested in Washington County, according to their arrest reports. Both are facing terroristic threatening charges.

daphne crawfordThe Crawfords were eating at Mel's Diner in Prairie Grove (May 24) when Alan Crawford became frustrated with the waitress because he felt she was slamming the door from the dining room to the kitchen, according to an arrest warrant affidavit from Washington County. Crawford said "Only a Christian would treat them like that," then became more frustrated because he felt his order was taking too long and he thought the food was too expensive, the affidavit states.

Before the couple left, Daphne Crawford told the waitress "People like you are the reason we kill," according to the affidavit.

Following the incident, the Crawfords made several related posts on social media that displayed weapons and threatened violence, the affidavit states.

The couple targeted another victim via social media after the woman had made a Facebook post asking if anyone knew the Crawfords, according to the affidavit.

Daphne Crawford initiated a conversation with the woman in which she stated her husband, Alan, would show up with an AK-47 and is a former Navy SEAL, the affidavit states. Daphne Crawford also sent the woman a photo of her husband in Muslim attire kneeling with a weapon described as an assault rifle, according to the affidavit.

Daphne Crawford's bail was set at $3,500 and she bonded out of the Washington County Detention Center Friday, jail records show.

Alan Crawford

Alan Crawford

Alan Crawford was arrested following an incident that took place June 8, according to his arrest report.

A car lot owner told investigators he was involved in a transaction with Crawford, but the vehicle he wanted to purchase was damaged in a recent hail storm. When Crawford arrived to return a loaner vehicle, the victim attempted to give him back money he had already paid for the car, the arrest report states.

Alan Crawford became irate and stated he was going to kill the victim, then went to a woman who was sitting in the loaner vehicle and told her to give him a gun, according to the arrest report. The woman refused and the two left the area.

On June 10, an FBI agent contact the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office about the incident after hearing about what happened from a member of the local Muslim community. The agent said he was involved in the matter because of Alan Crawford's connection to the incident at Mel's Diner. The agent then interviewed the car lot owner about the June 8 incident, the arrest report states.

The FBI and state troopers arrested Alan Crawford June 16. Crawford told investigators he would not participate in any interviews, according to his arrest report.

Personnel within the Sebastian County prosecutors office said a judge set Crawford's bond at $10,000 after considering past incidents.

In December 2015, the couple was escorted out of Central Mall in Fort Smith after investigators said the pair was video recording stores in the building.


  • Wanda Hice Ramsey

    The officer who left the police dog in a closed up vehicle long enough for that animal to die from heat should be prosecuted for his actions and fired from the police dept. Where was the officer for that length of time?

  • cultureissueconfirmed

    I remember their Central Mall “incident”. It appeared then they were a couple of trolls seeking attention.

    They have now escalated their behavior to criminal acts. They should be taken seriously as terrorists threatening to escalate their attacks further and further.

  • nwajack0

    Confiscate their weapons and lock these violent, threatening attention — seeking weirdos up. What else has to happen for them to be treated as the serious threat they are?

    • stopharrasingmuslims

      Yeah they have no proof all they have is the statement of a white Christian woman with no brain.

      • stopharrasingmuslims

        So the FBI needs to investigate every time someone gets mad enough to say something stupid really? So I bet u have gotten mad enough to wish harm on someone before. Maybe we should send the FBI after you.

      • Morgan Daghost

        I have never made death threats nor sent photos of myself with assault rifles to people threatening them. There are three separate incidents with this couple of moronic asshats with three separate people reporting threats. Given this, yes, the FBI should be picking them up and questioning them. Their religion is irrelevant to that. They could be Christians, Buddist or Jewish and they would still be suspected of terrorism given the actions they are accused of. And I am still waiting on your proof that the waitress is white, a christian and has no brain. Or is it that only people who oppose your view have to offer up proof of what they state while you are free to blather on without providing any proof? I am not surprised that your sense of justice and ethics appears to work that way. Again, nothing to do with religion at all.

      • Robert Wieneke

        The RACIST BIGOT STOPHARRASINGMUSLIMS has crawled out from under his rock to spew Hatred of normal people. We’ll stop harassing Muslims when you stop worshiping Satan (that posed as Allah) and stop following that Child MOLESTING PEDOPHILE Muhammad.

  • Jacs Sykes

    I worked with her in past job and she was one strange cookie, but never thought this out her or hubby…all I hope is they get what they deserve for disowning AMERICA since alan is past military…

    • stopharrasingmuslims

      They didnt disown America they just have a different religion then you. And so do I . So I guess I disowned America when I became atheist huh?

  • Mike Haring

    A strong component of terror is fear. So far these attention seeking wannabe’s have threatened, but not been technically violent. Reading some of the post it’s obvious the fear factor has overtaken some of you.

    Events like this happen at random all over the US normally they are not connected. With the press attention these have gotten they are recognizable to many thus creating a threat that’s until certified is far more rumor than fact. They are not running around spouting Islamic affiliation, yet acting out in anger primarily

    Don’t allow fear to impact your life. Gauge the threat and react appropriately.

    • nwajack0

      The appropriate reaction is to remand these hotheads and confiscate their weapons during the trial. They have threatened violence on several people, have the weapons to carry it out, and plenty of opportunities to do so. I’d say the fact they were arrested by the local PD & being investigated by the FBI is a good indication they’re not your average hotheads.

      • stopharrasingmuslims

        Did you not read the part about the FBI not believing there where threats on the public? And where is the proof about the guns? Do you know for a fact they have guns? No because you don’t know them personally. You don’t know anything except what the press and the FBI want you to know. All they did was get mad. Everyone gets mad, I bet you have gotten so mad that you have threatened someone physically. And if you did we should lock you up and treat you like a terrorists right? Oh, I didn’t think so.

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