Couple Accused Of Terroristic Threatening Taken Into Custody For Questioning By FBI

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) —Fayetteville Police took Alan and Daphne Crawford into custody at 8:30 a.m. Saturday (June 18). They were found near Academy on Steale Blvd. near the Northwest Arkansas Mall, according to Sgt. Craig Stout. The Crawfords are currently waiting at the Fayetteville Police Department to be questioned by the FBI.

A spokesperson for the FBI issued the following statement:

The FBI, Fayetteville Police Department and UAPD were involved in a search for the Crawfords Friday night, following their arrests on Thursday (June 16) for terroristic threatening.

According to police, both had active warrants on Friday.

According to police, several cars were stopped before locating a vehicle at Gregg Avenue and Maple Street believed to have been connected to the Crawfords. Officers were also seen using ATV’s near Dickson Street as other officers searched on foot.

A number of marked cars surrounded the Sigma Chi fraternity house on the campus of the University of Arkansas.

Daphne Crawford and her husband Alan Crawford were both arrested Thursday (June 16) in two separate incidents, both facing terroristic threatening charges.

Alan Crawford was arrested in Sebastian County and his wife, Daphne, was arrested in Washington County, according to their arrest reports. Alan Crawford was released on a $10, 000 bond Friday (June 17). Daphne was released on a $3,500 bond Friday.


  • stopharrasingmuslims

    These 2 ppl are intitaled to a fair trial. And I’m pretty sure it’s innocent till proven guilty. And did you read the part where the FBI can’t tell us anything. Yeah, that means there is nothing to tell. They are being persecuted because they are Muslim. Yeah why don’t we do this to Christians huh. They are just as bad.

    • El Marcos (@TacoWarlock)

      HUH? PERSECUTED?? BAHAHAAAHAHAAA!!!! They threatened a waitress then posted a picture of themselves on Facebook with a picture of them holding an assault rifle saying her husband would show up with an AK47… Doesnt matter what religion you are, if youre stupid enough to do this your’e going to jail! PERSECUTED!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!

  • stopharrasingmuslims

    I got into trouble for terroristic threatening one time and because I’m a white atheist I got a don’t do it again and a small fine. But, because this couple is Muslim, everyone now wants treats them like they are terrorists without even questioning anything that happened. What did the waitress do? How did she treat paying customers? And what did the owner of that restaurant do about it? Can we get those questions answered? And truthfully with proof ?

    • El Marcos (@TacoWarlock)

      Yeah, and the San Bernadino Orlando and Paris attackers did not kill in the name of Allah right? They were just persecuted for being Muslim, not for slaughtering people right? BAHAHHAHAAHA! You are a special type of stupid!!!

    • cultureissueconfirmed

      You should probably read what is being reported first.

      1) It appears these two white Muslims were not dressed in “Muslim garb” in the restaurant. So IF they received poor service it doesn’t appear it was due to their religion. There are reports the man was, among other things, upset over the price and wait time. Don’t you know the price before you order? Come on.

      2) It’s being reported that these two were reported to the FBI by members of the Muslim community. So you’re basically claiming Muslims are persecuting Muslims on this one.

      3) I don’t think it’s fair to take terrorists acts done by radical extremist and blame them on the other 1 billion Muslims, but these two are threatening to kill people. That’s real. They are responsible for themselves, Muslim or not. You can’t absolve them because they’re Muslim any more than you can convict them because they’re Muslim.

      4) They don’t even seem to be “real” Muslims. Just a couple of white hate filled terrorists perverting a cause.

      • Robin Covey

        I agree with you, they are attention seeking wannabe’s, they are not true Muslims… they are hate filled white folks,they give the Muslims a bad name, let alone the Americans, did you see the smirk smile in the court picture,I feel sorry for his sister, because, people give her a hard time, even though they dont know she does NOT associate with him or his wife….I don’t want to say her name because she is trying to do better for herself…her family is against her because everyone thinks alan and his wife are …everything…these two, need to go to prison and lose custody of their child…

  • Brian Gilbert

    I am guessing the FBI is trying to compensate for their colossal ineptitude with the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Fort Hood and Orlando terrorists…But then again, our President thinks that 2nd amendment folks are the real terrorists… Just saying…

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