Fort Smith Public Schools Offering Free Summer Meals

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - It's a concern every summer to make sure kids are able to eat a nutritious meal even when they're not in school. Most kids rely on those school lunches and breakfasts, five days a week. Thankfully, there are summer food programs they can also rely on.

A total of 11 schools in the Fort Smith Public School District are offering free summer meals to more than one thousand kids that are in need of something of eat.

Since their parents are busy at work or simply can't afford to feed their kids three meals a day, the school district is wanting to lend a helping hand. Fort Smith Schools will be offering free breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Workers are cooking up delicious and healthy meals for the kids. They want to make sure they have plenty of healthy food in their tummies during the summer break.

Children may participate in the free meals program at these schools:

  • Ballman Elementary School
  • Barling Elementary School
  • Carnall Elementary School
  • Howard Elementary School
  • Pike Elementary School
  • Sunnymede Elementary School
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Morrison Elementary School (begins July 5)
  • Spradling Elementary School
  • Tilles Elementary School
  • Trusty Elementary School

This program means a lot to school officials as they never want their students to go hungry. "It's $6 a day that you don't have to spend on a meal for your child," said Program Coordinator Phillip Garcia. He adds, "During the summer months that money is a lot of savings for the family."

Breakfast is served from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. then lunch is dished up at 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Parents or guardians can also join their kids, but it will cost $3.50 at the door.

The summer meal program will wrap up on August 5th.


  • The Patriot

    “It’s $6 a day that you don’t have to spend on a meal for your child,” said Program Coordinator Phillip Garcia. As a taxpayer who pays for this, I think this coordinator needs to shut his d*mn mouth. I know I speak for others when I say we are sick and tired of taking care of other peoples’ kids. So 5 “News”, quit with the stories rubbing this in and reminding us that America has become a welfare state with a victim mentality.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Just another way to soak the taxpayers and tie the entitlement group to the gubbamint. Make them dependent on the gubbamint and they will vote your way is the intention. Why don’t these people go to work or go back to where they came from?
    BTW 5 Quit trying to play the sympathy card, it is long worn out.

  • countryrd1

    Really, denying the children? All you care about its $? This is money well spent. Just wait and see what will happen to children deprived of basic needs when they grow up! You can only speak for your miserable self.

    • arnold fudpucker

      It’s about the culture that the entitlement grubbers seem to think they are owed. It’s about the fact that if you can’t feed them then don’t breed them! It is about the political pukes who plan one against the other only to gain a vote. And yes in addition to all that it’s about the money because you are stealing from one to give to another that hasn’t, in all likelihood, earned it themselves. So wake up and smell the roses!

      • countryrd1

        Smells like the culture of hate no matter how much justification you try to smear around it. Not the kids fault, why punish them?

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