Senior Center Growing Local Produce

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Local senior citizens have been growing their own food, thanks to a Walmart Foundation grant that's making it all possible.  The grant came through the, "What a Waste," program out of Washington D.C., and the senior center was selected to participate.

"So far it's good we've not had a lot yet we've got a few things for the salads like the kale and we've had a few tomatoes so it's just getting started really," said Georgia Childers, a senior at the center.

They started by composting all of their food waste that was cooked in the kitchen. They did that by weighing their food, and then composting it, and the city of Fayetteville even composted the soil for the garden.

"A lot of them have to live in apartments and so they are not able to have a garden but they remember back in the day they had gardens," said Cayla Wilson, the director of the Fayetteville senior center.

To volunteer at the Senior Center, or help drive a van for their "Meals on Wheels" program, visit