AT&T Bringing Fiber Internet To Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — AT&T has certified several locations in Fayetteville as being “fiber ready,” in preparation for bringing the ultra high speed internet to the city.

The company is investing in bringing fiber internet across the state, they said in a press release on Thursday (June 30). However, the infrastructure is now in place in Fayetteville.

The following areas have been certified by the company and the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce as fiber ready:

  • The Fayetteville Downtown Square, From Church Street to College Avenue and Meadow to Mountain Street
  • The Fayetteville Commerce District, from 15th Street to Morningside Drive and Pump Station Road to Armstrong Avenue
  • Mountain Ranch Properties, from N. Rupple Road to I-49
  • N. Shihloh Drive, from Mt. Comfort Road to Point West Street
  • Joyce Boulevard, from Steele Boulevard to Millennium Drive
  • College Avenue, from Rock Street to Joyce Boulevard

ATT Fiber wide

Getting fiber internet could be a huge benefit to area businesses.

“High-speed Internet is key to economic success as it allows businesses operating in our city to easily connect to customers, suppliers and employees who might be in different locations, regions or hemispheres,” said Steve Clark, president & CEO of Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce in the release. “These fiber networks empower the high-speed technology and apps our businesses rely on to remain competitive locally, regionally and even globally. The AT&T Fiber Ready designation lets people know we have the critical infrastructure in place to help their businesses succeed.”

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