Highberry Music Festival Brings Business To Ozark, Mulberry Mountain

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OZARK (KFSM) -- The Highberry Music Festival grounds have filled up, bringing hundreds of people to Ozark and Mulberry Mountain.

The festival started at organizer Jon Walker's house seven years ago with just a couple hundred people, but it has since grown to be a more significant music festival.

"We actually have a pretty big crowd it looks like," Walker said. "You know, we really want to give back to the community. We know they've had a couple of situations where festivals cancel and we want to bring the magic back to the mountain."

After three major festivals were cancelled in the last year, the Highberry Festival is bringing a lot of business to the area.

"It's a bummer that the other ones got cancelled," Wesley Childers, who works at an area liquor store, said. "Hopefully they'll be back. Wakarusa, Thunder on the Mountain, all of that was really good for us."

But the festival-goers traveling to Highberry are making up for some of that lost business.

"It's been droves and droves of people; it's almost unbelievable," Carrie Warren, a cashier at I-40 Travel Center, said.

The local businesses are prepared for the hundreds of people they will see this weekend.

"We double-stock the coolers, we get double orders on all the produce and all the stuff going out, and we make sure all the drinks are full for everybody," Matt House, who also works at the I-40 Travel Center, said.

Court records show Thunder on the Mountain, Phases of the Moon and Wakarusa were cancelled because of litigation between financial partners involved in the festivals.

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