Update: Jo Jackson Arrested On Warrant Following Court No-Show

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) — Jo Jackson was arrested on a warrant Tuesday evening (July 5) after she failed to show before a judge.

Jackson was due in court on June 7 to face multiple charges, including two felonies: reckless burning and filing a false report with law enforcement.

She is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday (July 6) and then again on July 27.


An arrest warrant was issued for Jo Jackson Thursday for failure to appear, which is a felony offense.

Jackson was supposed to appear before a judge on June 7 to face trial on charges of reckless burning, resisting arrest and fleeing after she set a fire in a driveway a year ago, but was a no-show, according to court records.

The arrest warrant was issued June 22.

Jackson has also been arrested multiple times on DWI charges since 2011.

In 2012, Jackson was convicted of negligent homicide after she hit and killed road worker Jack Luper in 2011. She told officers she had taken prescription medications before the incident.

Records show Jackson was arrested three times in the summer of 2015 on DWI charges.

According to this most recent arrest warrant, officials are requesting a $50,000 bond for Jackson.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story stated Jackson was supposed to appear before a judge on June 7 to be given a date for a court-ordered psychological exam. That information has since been corrected.]


  • Minister Mel Sams

    I want to know who the Bail Bondsman is that would take such a chance on getting her out of Jail ?. Must be a Politician Bail Bond Company since it makes as much sense as the ones who write up laws that make No Sense at all !..
    This lady needs Locked Up for at least 2 years in Prison and not a County Jail, this will be about the only way to get all the Alcohol out of her system.. And then when she gets out she needs put on some type of medicine that would make her feel sick if she did try to drink.. She is a Person and they need to help her get Sober and Stay sober so she can have a Real Life and a Happy and a Enjoyable Life without drinking.. So instead of the Courts just slapping her on the wrist and telling her No and spending a ton of money to house her in a City/County Jail where she gets 3 meals a day, a free place to sleep and do nothing, then take the money and Really help her..
    We the public do not want her out on the streets where she can and will someday injure or kill someone or a family or herself.. Plus it is getting Old to seeing the same lady over and over making news which is Not News but a Sick Lady.

  • Mike Haring

    There are laws for DUI, she has been convicted and those laws applied. She spent months in Jail for the last one. One more and she will be committed to ADC.

  • The Patriot

    I don’t know who’s gotten more press on this website – this drunk or the hag who impersonated Alison Krauss.

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