Rogers Fire Department Demonstrates Dangers Of Shooting Off Fireworks

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- With fireworks season culminating on the Fourth of July, most people will shoot their fireworks on the holiday, but the Rogers Fire Department is warning revelers that lighting their own pyrotechnics comes with a risk.

"Fireworks are never a children's toy," said Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins. "Fireworks perceived to be the most safe can actually cause the most harm: sparklers, Roman candles and bottle rockets."

A demonstration from the Rogers Fire Department showed shirts can be burned easily by a Roman candle and even more quickly by a sparkler.

"It burns at a high temperature," Jenkins said. "It's quick to cause injuries and to burn clothing."

Jenkins also stressed the importance of knowing city regulations on fireworks.

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  • Cody Marquee

    Wow, what a wet blanket. I’m sure he’s fun at parties. What a lame asshole. Sure fireworks can be dangerous if you don’t handle them properly, but to basically say not to buy them and stay away from them at all costs is stupid. Someome should set off about 30 roman cancles at the same time in his yard next year. I would but I don’t live up there.

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