Sebastian, Crawford County Residents Could Be Eligible For Help With Cooling Bills

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) -- Residents in Sebastian and Crawford Counties could be eligible for assistance with their cooling bills this summer.

Anyone living in the two counties who meets certain monthly income guidelines will be able to apply for assistance on their cooling bills.

The monthly income guidelines are as follows:

  • Single-person household - $1,515
  • Two-person household - $1,981
  • Three-person household - $2,447
  • Four-person household - $2,913
  • Five-person household - $3,379
  • Six-person household - $3,845
  • Seven-person household - $3,933
  • Eight-person household - $4,020

If there are more than eight members per household, add an additional $88 per family member.

The elderly, disabled and people on food stamps also qualify.

To apply for the assistance, make an appointment at the Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council office at 4831 Armour Ave. in Fort Smith. Anyone with questions about the cooling bill can contact 479-785-2303 extension 100.

Bring a current electric bill or electric shut-off notice, and a current gas bill if applicable; proof of monthly income for all household members age 18 and up; and social security numbers and dates of birth for all household members.

Home Energy Assistance Coordinator Carol Jenkins said they have about $400,000 to distribute to households in need.

"Our funding is what was leftover from the winter programs," she said. "It's not as much as what I normally get in the winter."

Jenkins said she expects the money to last until at least the end of July, but she said the sooner you apply for aid, the better.