Fayetteville Visitors Bureau Plans Move To Historic Home

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A Fayetteville home on the national register of historical places will soon have some new occupants, as a large agency has made plans to take over the space.

The Advertising and Promotion Commission is the tourism agency for Fayetteville. They're charged with advertising and promoting everything that's great about the city.

It all started last Friday (July 1), when the commission closed on the historic property.

They are planning to have their administrative offices in the building and use the ground floor as a museum or an event space for fundraisers.

The commission is in the process of bringing on new leadership, like hiring a new executive director. They will have about six to 10 people moving to the building.

The area around the building could be turned into a downtown park.

"In general I think more park space for our citizens is a good thing," said Matthew Petty, chairman of the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission. "If we put more park space where people are more likely to use it, and we have people downtown all the time during the day and we have the square gardens, which is formally a park."

Petty said the administration will not be making any changes to the exterior of the home, and they hope to move in by the first quarter of next year. The administration offices will still keep its spot on the corner of the square for tourism. The space behind the visitors center will be leased to third parties.