Roland Doctor Charged In Meth Manufacturing Bust

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) — A doctor was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine after police busted a meth lab in Fort Smith.

Dr. Cynthia Almond, a physician in Roland, Okla., had treated a patient for anxiety and pain medication, and on a June 10 visit, asked if he “still had the skills necessary to make methamphetamine,” according to an arrest warrant.

She offered him $400 to cook meth and told him she would find for a place for him to complete the operation. Almond also prescribed herself medication to be used for making the meth, the warrant stated.

After purchasing several items with the patient at various Fort Smith stores on June 15, Almond allowed him to perform the meth cook at a nearby unoccupied house on the 3200 block of South 42nd Street. The warrant stated that the patient’s wife watched their children outside the house while he cooked the meth indoors.

Almond asked the patient if he was going to cook more meth, but the patient said no. Almond left a voicemail on his phone the next day, and Fort Smith Police had a recording of the call. Police received a tip of a meth lab at the same block of 42nd Street on June 17.

As they approached the house, the patient, his wife and Almond, who were all three at the house, drove off to a restaurant. When police arrived to the restaurant, the patient was taken into custody, and had various items of drug paraphernalia with him.

A warrant was issued for Almond’s arrest, and she was taken into custody on Thursday (July 7). She was charged Friday and released on a $20,000 bond. Her court date has been scheduled for July 13.





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