Local Churches Bring Communities Together Following Deadly Shootings

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Since the deadly shootings of five police officers in Dallas and the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, congregations in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley have been coming together in prayer.

At Sunday's (July 10) service at Cross Church in Springdale, Pastor Clint Smith addressed the shootings saying it is times like these when everyone needs to come together.

"We believe that now is a time to unite, it's not a time to segregate, it's not a time to get to a point where we are trying to get our agenda pushed forward," Smith said.

The pastor also acknowledged law enforcement and thanked police officers and first responders for the work they do every day.

"Many of these men and women sacrifice every day and pray for the families too," Smith said. "I'm sure there is a lot of anxiety right now and we need to make sure we support all that are helping our city to be the best it can possibly be."

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse agreed, but said there is more that can be done.

"We can also be open to communicating and again be proactive, so those types of incidents don't happen here or are at least less likely to happen here," Sprouse said.

Sprouse said he feels encouraged by his church community.

"As we pray for our police officers, as we pray for our cities, as we pray for our residents that we just sort of stand back and figure this thing out and talk with one another," he said.


  • The Patriot

    This is the bottom line – many Blacks see themselves as victims. It is has been ingrained in them generation after generation since their ancestors were brought here in chains. They believe America owes them. Most will not take responsibility for their own actions but instead look for a scapegoat – in this case, White police officers. Despite the fact that 90% of all homicides against Blacks are committed by other Blacks, this does not jive with their agenda; but, isolated incidents of White police officers killing Blacks, fueled by the dishonest, race-baiting press and liberal extremist politicians, does. ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ never happened but the truth does not matter. Black Lives Matter is an extremist hate group but the media make them out to be ‘social justice warriors.’ Nothing will ever change until they grow up and start acting like responsible adults.

  • nwajack0

    While LEOs are a necessary & important voice in any reform that is going to occur, a white rally is not inclusive. All of the violence & riots is not solely a result of black entitlement (I used to think like this- stomping around in combat boots, a shaved head, & screaming about ‘anglo-culture). Internet comments are too shortened to discuss — but black ppl, with the same or similar backgrounds as whites, receive harsher results from the crim justice system — look it up w/ an open mind.

    • nwajack0

      Maybe I messed it up, but looks like 5news edited out “mostly white, pro-police”– ridiculous liberal PC bs everyone’s come to expect

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