DNA: Forecasting Your Future

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Direct to consumer DNA testing has become more and more affordable and available. One company, 23&Me has stood out as the leader in home DNA testing. The FDA halted 23&Me from providing medical reports in 2013 but has since granted permission for the company to provide a limited number of FDA approved test.

However, there is a way to decode your entire genome. It works by running your entire raw DNA data into a program called Promethease which generates a medical report on your DNA by matching your raw data to published medical literature. It takes about 10 minutes and costs $5 to generate the report. If you use the service be sure and read the privacy policy on how your DNA will be handled.

Many of the reports are contradictory because one report's methodology or sample size may differ from study to study; your profile is referenced with over 50,000 medical studies.

This report looks at the medical pro's and con's of DNA testing and explores some of the options available to consumers.

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