Dealing With The Unsightly Nests Webworms Make In Trees

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- It's the time of year when pesky little bugs are making their nests in tree canopies.

You may have noticed webs in trees everywhere and they`re not spider webs, they`re actually webworms which are caterpillars.

Webworms make their nests in trees usually at night, feed on the ground and then go back up in the tree in the morning. Rick Martin at Westwood Gardens said webworms can`t kill a tree but they can make it unsightly.

“They`re a little harder to kill because you`ve got to saturate the web and that`s a little hard to do. People poke holes in it with sticks and try and get the spray in there but again prevention is the best cure,” said Rick Martin.

Martin said if you have webworms now it`s too late, but he recommends spraying to prevent them mid spring when the leaves are green. They are very hard to see so he recommends spraying for them because you never know if they will pop up.

“I`ve been this business about forty-five years and I`ve never seen them in the area as bad as they were last year. I mean they covered the whole tree, the whole trunk and then spread around the ground, the webbing did,” said Martin.

Martin said these bugs will continue to make nests until the leaves fall of the trees.

“When you first see them if you can get them out of the tree someway and burn them or stomp them...anything will help but they are pretty active and once they get started they can take a tree real quickly,” said Martin.

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