Local Business Sees Dip In Sales During Hottest Summer Days

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- This week is expected to be one of the hottest weeks of the year, with the heat index surpassing 100 degrees almost every day in some areas.

When the temperatures rise, many may assume local ice cream trucks would have a dramatic increase in sales. However, one local company said their sales decline during the hottest days of the year.

“Nobody really wants to come outside too much,” said Tyler Sportsman, manager at Jake’s Ice Cream. “Especially people who have nice and cool air conditioning. A lot of people are inside watching TV with their air conditioners on, and they can’t even hear us.”

Sportsman said a normal day of sales in one of his trucks could bring in around $200. However, with the recent heat, they are restricted from carrying many of their 60 different products.

“Our inventories go lower in the summer. We try and keep products lower into the freezer, because it is a cooler spot for the freezer,” Sportsman said.

When it comes to increase in sales, Sportsman said the ideal sales time to take trucks out is centered on the temperature outside. With 80 degrees being the prime temperature, sales during days of extreme heat actually peak in the evening.

“Everybody gets home, all the parents are home and happy to be back,” Sportsman said. “About 6:30, after everyone has had dinner and stuff, that’s when you really kind of see a rise in the sales.”

With his entire staff working each day of the week on commission, Sportsman encouraged those at home to beat the heat by buying ice cream from a truck. Sportsman said, by doing so, someone may be able to help a local business which thrives off the response of the community.

“Just come out and give us a holler, we would love to see you,” Sportsman said.