New ‘Artisan Market’ Coming To Fort Smith, Changes Possible For Downtown Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — More food trucks are coming to downtown Fort Smith, and now city leaders are talking about plans to possibly expanding the area where food trucks will be allowed.

At the corner of Garrison and Towson Avenues is Cisterna Park.  City leaders are considering closing a strip of Towson to traffic, to allow vendors more spaces next to the park during the day.

All that the Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission is waiting on now is to get approval to close the section off to traffic. This will allow six parking spots for mobile food trucks to come to the area during lunchtime. The area will be more walkable and safer for customers to walk, visit and eat.

Casey Millspaugh, Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission, said it will take months for city directors to study this plan and make adjustments as needed. “I think right now the city of Fort Smith would like to see how everyone reacts to the food trucks being there at the parking spots,” said Millspaugh. “They’ll do a study on that data, make adjustments, and have that conservation a little bit later about shutting down the streets,” he added.

Food trucks will not only be coming to Cisterna Park, but also down the road to Creekmore Park. The Artisan Market was recently approved by city leaders. This will be an event filled with live music, food trucks and plenty of vendors.  According to Millspaugh,”It will add to the culture that we have here already. We already have a great culture in downtown and now we are starting to see it spread to other places.”

The River Valley Artisan Market will be every first and third Thursday of the month from 5 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Creekmore Park. The Artisan Market could soon be up and running by August 4th, according to organizers.